Social Media Management

Social Media service includes planning and tasks related to social networks. We work based on business strategies, brand promotions, on sales, services or products promotions, items, events, or any activity you want to be published on any social media network that help your company keep informed their customers, individuals, companies, or institutions.

Our Posts are mostly related to:

Products or Services

Post related to your services or products help your leads and customers be informed about changes, new items, or prices.


Followers Education

Post related to education will help your followers understand better your services or products and will help them to have a better use.



Post related to your company activities like events, visitors, and work, will help understand your followers about your company.


Post related to promotions, gift cards, discount, etc. will keep informed to your leads or customers about how they can save money!

Different plans according to your needs…

Basic Plan

  • 4 Publications per Week
  • 1 Video a Month
  • 1 most used Social Network like fb
  • Connection with your Webpage

Gold Plan

  • 10 Publications per Week
  • 2 Videos a Month
  • 3 Social Networks like fb, tw, instagram
  • Connection with your Webpage


  • Leads the business to have a better strategic planning
  • Keep the public in contact with the organization
  • Help increase sales
  • Attract new leads and customers
  • Help promote your brand
  • Ensures direct communication with users
  • You can have a great impact in the community